2024 Total Solar Eclipse Camping in Sandusky Ohio

RVs in campground with total solar eclipse in the sky, Eclipse Camping Sandusky Ohio

April 3-9, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse Camping in Sandusky Ohio

Join us at Camp Sandusky for an unparalleled viewing experience of the 2024 Solar Eclipse, the perfect opportunity for Eclipse Camping in Sandusky, Ohio. In response to high demand, we are thrilled to offer limited RV sites for this rare celestial event. However, the campground is still winterized in early April, so we will be open exclusively to self-sufficient RVs. Our natural setting offers the perfect backdrop for witnessing this rare event, with a special package designed for flexibility and value.

Special Eclipse Viewing Package

For a flat rate of $500 per RV, reserve a campsite for up to 6 nights, with check-in available as early as Wednesday, April 3rd, and check-out by Tuesday, April 9th. Whether you stay for a single night or the full 6 nights, the $500 total remains the same, offering increasing value with each additional night. The Ohio Total Solar Eclipse will be at ~3:12 PM on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Important Information for RV Campers

After careful consideration and in anticipation of the colder April temperatures that pose a risk of freezing, we’ve tailored our services for a self-sufficient RV camping experience:

  • Utilities Provided: Each RV site will have electricity, on-site sewer hook-ups, and WiFi access.
  • Water and Restroom/Shower Facilities: Water will not be available at individual RV sites, and the campground’s restrooms and showers will remain closed for this event. We encourage all guests to arrive with their water tanks filled. A dump station is available for use.
  • Self-Sufficiency Requirement: Given the early April chill by Lake Erie, our sites are reserved for RVs ready for the elements, with no access to on-site water or public restrooms/showers due to the risk of freezing temperatures causing damage to the campground’s water lines. To ensure a comfortable stay during the 2024 Solar Eclipse, please come prepared with your RV fully equipped for self-sufficiency.

No Refunds Policy: Due to the nature of this special event and the amenities available, we will not be offering refunds if you decide to cancel. See our Cancellation Policy for more information. This policy ensures that those truly committed to experiencing the eclipse at Camp Sandusky have the opportunity to do so. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Experience Total Solar Eclipse Camping in Sandusky Ohio in comfort and convenience at Camp Sandusky. With RV spots being limited, don’t wait to secure your place today for this unforgettable event. Don’t miss out on prime views of the eclipse; BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW and prepare for an unparalleled celestial experience. April 3-9, 2024.

A group of people with eclipse glasses gathered in a tree-surrounded campground, looking up at a solar eclipse, with RVs parked around them, capturing the communal spirit and natural setting of the event